Visit Avanos

Avanos is the most important region of Cappadocia, especially in terms of art and tourism. Although it is a little outside of the Fairy Chimneys, this place is a must-see, like other regions of Cappadocia. Red soil is abundant in Avanos, and the Kızılırmak river runs in the middle. A magnificent ceramic art is created in Avanos with red soil and clay. Avanos, a coastal town in Cappadocia, is also famous for its delicious grapes and delicious wines. Pottery workshops and produce ceramics have been going on since the Hittites. While writing about places to visit in Avanos, you can watch the video we compiled during our trip below. İf you have a plan to travel from Istanbul to Avanos, you can use a private transfer service or book a car with a driver for the hall Cappadocia trip, you can visit the following places in Avanos.