Depending on where we are in the chain of technological evolution, you may have different opinions about Bitcoin and Doge, Shibu, and other cryptocurrencies. For example, one might think that cryptocurrencies are the next natural step in the ever-changing world of financial transactions, or, from this perspective, on the other extreme, “what is crypto?” you may be asking.

In simple terms, cryptocurrencies are forms of digital money that do not require a bank, financial institution, or centralized structure between you and your customers to pay. Bitcoin, which is often mentioned and is actually only a type of crypto money, has almost become a representative of crypto money and has enabled the public to meet cryptocurrencies.

Perhaps you will never come across a customer who is shopping with cryptocurrencies, which are virtual currencies, in your neighborhood market where you constantly shop. But in digital shopping, cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, with its ongoing adventure from the beginning of the 2010s, slowly turned into the mainstream. At the last point, we came to, Bitcoin; It has become a currency used by more than 100,000 businesses, including Microsoft, Amazon, and Expedia.