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Advantages of Buying House for Foreigners in Turkey

How to buy a house in Istanbul?

Advantages of Buying House for Foreigners in Turkey

According to the official newspaper in 2018, citizenship value was previously reduced from $ 1 million to $ 250,000.Except military zones foreigners have the freedom to receive housing from the place he wanted in Turkey.Terms of citizenship to foreigners to buy houses in Turkey has been reduced to $ 250,000 Since 19.09.2018. Each foreigner who invest $ 250,000 real estate in Turkey. Investor, Investor children under 18-years-old and Investor wife or husband will be citizen of theTurkey republic. Being the owner of residential real estate in a country like Turkey, which is very much alive and construction industry is a very good investment method.

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Citizenship Door open to Foreigner Who Buy Homes in Turkey !

There are good opportunities for foreigners who buy real estate by at least 250 thousand dollars in Turkey

The stranger himself and his family will have the right to Turkish citizenship in six months.In other words, buying houses in Turkey will be a profitable investment as well as Turkish citizens

Also, if you buy  house by 650 thousand Turkish lira (95.000 dolar) in Turkey, the first applicant can get a 3-year residence permit for you and your family.  if you do reside continuous 5 years in Turkey have the right to apply to the Turkish citizenship

If you receive consulting services from us when buying property in Turkey we will let you get on the real value of a house, less taxes, less real estate commissions, real municipal debt will cause extra costs such situations are minimized.

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Foreigners to Buy Property in Turkey What should you do?

Foreign nationals, provided they comply with the restrictions set forth in the law field in Turkey, workplace, plot, you can buy real estate such as land.

If the foreign national is to buy a field or a plot, he must inform the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within 2 years of what kind of structure he will build on this land.

What are the Limitations of Foreigners Buying Property?

According to the relevant law, the following limitations apply to foreigners buying property:

In Turkey, a foreign person, may purchase real estate at maximum 30 hectares.

A foreign national cannot purchase property in military prohibited areas and security areas. Renting is only possible with special permission.

Real persons with foreign nationality can purchase immovable up to 10% of the district face subject to private property.

The properties, which are determined by the legal institutions that are not used in accordance with the purpose of the purchase and which have not been informed to the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization within 2 years despite the purchase to build the building, can be liquidated by the official institutions.

The above mentioned limitations do not apply to companies with legal personality established in accordance with the laws of their own country.

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What Procedure Should Be Followed to Buy Property?

A pre-application must be made to the land registry offices for the transfer.

It is necessary to get the sequence number for the preliminary application. You can call 181 for this,

Applications can be made at

After the preliminary application, a day is determined for the transfer transactions to the people who will sell and buy the property.

The following documents should be prepared within the specified day:

Deed document of the real estate
Passport and photocopy of the foreign national to purchase (Turkish translation may be required.)
“Real Estate Fair Value Document” to be obtained from the municipality where the property is located
Housing and office etc. compulsory earthquake insurance policy for buildings such as
1 passport photograph of the person selling, 2 passport photographs of the purchaser
If the purchaser does not speak Turkish, sworn translator
If the transfer is done with a power of attorney issued abroad, the original or certified copy of the power of attorney (must have a Turkish translation).

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            Other Issues You Should Pay Attention

You should definitely find out whether there are restrictions on the property, such as mortgages, foreclosures. For this, you can get the necessary information from the land registry office.

You do not need a residence permit to purchase property in Turkey

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