An Enthralling Odyssey Along the Black Sea: A 12-Day Turkish Extravaganza

Our adventure starts from the magical city of Istanbul, the metropolis that marries East and West, tradition and modernity. As we leave behind the city's grand mosques, bustling bazaars and its aromatic coffee houses,  journey towards the Black Sea, commencing a voyage that would take you through mesmerizing landscapes, diverse cultures, and a rich tapestry of history.

On the first day, you will find yourselves in Sapanca, a lush green paradise surrounded by mountains and a tranquil lake. A picturesque town that provides the perfect setting to unwind, with its cozy accommodations offering a splendid retreat from the bustling city life.

The second day takes you to Abant and Yedigoller. The fascinating natural beauty, tranquil lakes and dense forests of this area are a sight to behold. With comfortable accommodations in a scenic location, you'll find peace and beauty in abundance here.

Next, you traverse to Safranbolu on your third day. The city’s Ottoman era houses and cobblestone streets would make you feel as though you've stepped back in time. After a day of exploring, relax in one of the charming boutique hotels in the old town.

Amasra awaits you on the fourth day. This charming town, snuggled between two bays, offers panoramic sea views, delicious seafood, and compelling history. Your selected accommodations here continue to enchant with their characteristic Black Sea charm.

On your fifth day, you venture into Cide in Kastamonu province. A hidden gem with beautiful beaches and untouched nature that's bound to steal your heart. The selected accommodations blend seamlessly with the nature around, making for a serene night's rest.

You then journey to Sinop, the most northern edge of the Turkish side of the Black Sea. On your sixth day, you delve into the rich history, stunning landscapes, and enjoy the unique flavors of this ancient city. The accommodations here are as welcoming as the city itself.

Samsun, Ordu, and Giresun will welcome you over the next three days, each city with its distinct character and experiences. Samsun is a city of great historical significance; Ordu tempts you with its verdant tea gardens, while Giresun enchants with its unique island charm.

You can reach Trabzon on the tenth day, renowned for the iconic Sumela Monastery and stunning Uzungol. On the eleventh day, you can venture into Rize, the heart of Turkey's tea production, visiting the tranquil Aydar Plateau. Our journey culminates in Artvin, a picturesque town nestled in the mountains.

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