Places With Scenic Views in Istanbul

İstanbul Bosphorus, which divides the continents of Asia and Europe into two, flows from the Black Sea to the Marmara sea, which seems like a river. Not every separation is sad, most of us get a satisfying pleasure while having breakfast against the Bosphorus that divides the city in two. Bosphorus bridges shining brightly at night, mansions lined up along the Bosphorus, parks, cafes, restaurants, forests, beaches, walking areas, squares, and many more invite us to the Bosphorus for a cruise. There are fortresses, mosques, mansions, palaces, and moreover tulip gardens among the most beautiful viewing places in Istanbul. Among the places with the most beautiful Bosphorus view in Istanbul; we will talk about hills and coastlines as the formations that emerged as a result of the generosity of nature, as well as towers and buildings made by human hands

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