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Van Rental İstanbul

Van Rental İstanbul

 Van/Minibus Hire İstanbul

Hire a van with Hrh Lucky, we understand our customers need flexibility when hiring a van or minibusses. To ensure you receive the best experience, we offer a number of van hire services that would help meet our customer's needs.

Book a private minibus with a driver in Istanbul and enjoy safety and comfort. From city trips and airport transfers to business trips, we offer you a fun, comfortable travel service.

Book your chauffeured minibus today for group trips and short vacation

Rent a Mercedes, Volkswagen, Opel, Peugeot Van with Prices Starting from $80 per Day In Istanbul

Minibus Hire Istanbul

Van Rental With/Without A Driver

Best Van rental across Istanbul. Our comprehensive range of Minivan rental services throughout the city will never be far away. We have a number of different minivan rental without driver options in our fleet, meaning you can easily choose the right minivan for the job.

If you are looking for a minibus to keep up with your hectic life in Istanbul, we have a perfect minibus portfolio. They are the perfect tools for both private and commercial customers, meetings, business visits, shopping, and travel programs all over Istanbul. You can count on Hrh Lucky to make it affordable with great private van rental offers

Full of history, iconic places, and nightlife, İstanbul is on most people’s bucket lists. While it is one of the most visited places in the world, there is much more to see outside of the city. Why not experience it in the comfort of a Van rental with/Without a driver? With our luxury compliant vans, you can navigate İstanbul and its scenic surroundings with ease. Rent a van when you land at İstanbul or Sabiha Airport or we can arrange a pick-up from one of İstanbul’s many top hotels by our local team. They can also give you clues on some hidden gems worth visiting during your trip. Rent a minivan that fits your needs by calling our customer service - no matter what they are or what you want to do.

Hire A Minibus

Wide Range Of Rental Vans

With the world’s largest and most diverse fleet of vehicles, there is definitely a car to suit your needs in one of our İstanbul minibus hires. Whether you want to rent a 7-seater, 9-seater, 13-seater, or 17-seater a nimble luxury minibus rental, you can count on us to find the perfect vans and minibusses for your time in the city. We know everyone’s driving preferences are different, so we provide manual and automatic minibusses with 8 seats without the driver. This means you can enjoy your driving experience no matter what, with the benefits of efficiency.

With our award-winning minibus hire service, we will make sure your car is perfect for your situation. We even offer add-ons like child seats, as well as allowing for additional drivers on the rental vans. You can start your reservation above and see what is available during your stay, or visit our van hire with a driver and explore our offers.

Rent A Mercedes Vito

What Are The Benefits Of Renting A Van İn Istanbul?

Pick-up And Drop Your Address

Hrh Lucky minibus rental throughout Istanbul makes it easy to pick up and drop off back at your hotel, address, or home.

Useful Add-ons

We want to help you. Let us lighten your load by offering extras such as a child seat, desk, charging sockets, and a host of other add-ons.

Chauffeured Van Rental

We care about the needs of our customers. In complex cities like Istanbul, it may not be safe enough for foreigners to use a minibus. No matter how big the rented minibus is, an English-speaking driver can assist you

Flexible Rental

Spacious and comfortable minivans are needed to travel within or between cities in Istanbul. Flexibility from weekend picnics to monthly minibus rentals for events and projects.


Our Services Executive Van With Driver
Do You Need a Van Rental in İstanbul?

Hrh Lucky offers Vip van hire for any scenario that requires that extra space. Whether you’re moving with a large group of friends and family, or simply a number of friends join you, for a party, or an event, we have for you a Vip van in İstanbul. We offer Vip vans automatic transmission and manual.  Mostly Mercedes Vito, Viano, V class. Volksvagen transporter, Caravella vans. Our fleet features the latest models in İstanbul. Provides you with peace of mind, and reliable luxury vans that will get you and your item to your destination safely and comfortably. With our transparent charges and fees and flexible hire lengths, Hrh Lucky Van rental offers premium van hire at cheap prices. Just start your luxury van hire reservation or go to our van hire with driver to have a bigger size. Call us to check to see which vans are available fitting your demands

Hire A Mercedes Sprinter FAQ

What Do I Need To Hire A Van With?

The essential items you will need to bring to a valid driver's license, a valid ID, and a credit card. You will also need to prove you are over 26 years of age and are required for international drivers.

Do I Need İnsurance To Rent A Van?

Rental vans and minibusses from Hrh Lucky already provide a damage waiver within the cost of your hire. Of course, you can use the option to purchase additional protection products to further reduce the redundancy to give you complete peace of mind. 

How Old Do I Have To Be To Rent A Minibus?

All drivers must be a minimum of 25 years old. Only drivers over 30 years old may hire Vip Van, premium vans. Younger drivers might be interested in a standard van. 

What Are The Driver's Licence Requirements For Van Hire İn Turkey?

Drivers have to present a valid driver's license. An international driving permit is also required if the driver's license is written in a language and has characters other than English.

Can I Hire A Van With A Debit Card?

We accept payment by debit and credit cards. A credit card is required if you are renting a Vip Van, SUV, Premium Van, Luxury, or Executive car.

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